June 8th - 11th, 2017 • Atlanta, Georgia

About StreamCon

StreamCon is a gathering of individuals who spend time planning, producing, and providing live, or recorded, content that is streamed to a viewing audience. This conference is intended to be hands-on and engaging versus having its focus on being a trade-show. During StreamCon, the aim is to connect real people together as they share and learn how to produce the best streaming experience for their viewers. While there are certain events that cater to those looking to reach millions, StreamCon focuses on those that have an average live viewership of under 10,000 viewers.

StreamCon aims to create a sense of community while providing attendees the opportunity to get beyond the typical product hype and theory to discover what it takes to actually deliver professional results. Even then, it’s not enough to learn about the technology. I want StreamCon to serve as a launching point for building professional networks that create additional opportunities for those that attend the conference.

Click here to learn more about StreamCon and get answers on our General FAQ page about the conference.

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