June 8th - 11th, 2017 • Atlanta, Georgia


Since StreamCon is new, we thought it would be a great idea to try and answer a few questions we’ve already received and shared them here to make it easy for others to get the answers they need.  You can always feel free to contact us using the chat option at the bottom right of the screen.


Basic Questions

What is StreamCon

StreamCon is a gathering of individuals who spend time planning, producing, and providing live, or recorded content that is streamed to a viewing audience. This conference is intended to be hands-on and engaging versus having its focus on being a trade-show. During StreamCon, the aim is to connect real people together as they share and learn how to produce the best streaming experience for their viewers.

How is StreamCon Different?

While there are certainly great events that offer a lot to members of the streaming community, we felt that those larger programs were designed to be trade-shows. Many of the products and services offered at these mega-events were geared towards those looking to build massive operations that handle hundreds of thousands of viewers. In addition, much of the gear, while fun to play with, was simply not priced at a point that smaller streamers could work with.

StreamCon is about the attendee and making sure there’s access to as much learning and hands-on experiences as possible. By having a smaller event, attendees have the chance to ask questions, watch and demonstrate real-world situations, and discover new ways to build and improve how streaming is done.

When and Where Does StreamCon Happen

StreamCon is Scheduled for June 8-11, 2017 and will be located adjacent to the Atlanta Airport (ATL). The exact hotel will be announced shortly and will be one of the larger properties like Atlanta Airport Marriott, or Renaissance Atlanta Airport.

Sponsor and Exhibit

Is it possible to Sponsor and/or Exhibit at StreamCon

Yes. StreamCon offers a very limited number of sponsor and exhibitor opportunities for businesses and service providers we feel offer something worthwhile to attendees. Since StreamCon is focused on learning and engagement, the Sponsors and Exhibitors approved for the conference are those that reflect both a high level of quality in their products/services and the ability to demonstrate how those products/services relate to those in attendance. To learn more, please CLICK HERE to request additional information.

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